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(Note: The garden project was initially organized as a subcommittee of the Land Use/Transportation Committee of the Rose City Park Neighborhood Association).

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  1. Tamara DeRidder says:

    Wow!! The Depave Event at the garden site on Saturday, Aug. 20th was awesome!!! As those of you who joined us know, after stretches and training 25+ people broke up 2′ x 2′ slabs of pavement and filled 8 dumpsters full of asphalt-concrete from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm. These slabs looked ‘huge’ when pried up – but, they were incredibly manageable when broken…especially since the paving was only about 3″ thick!!

    Commissioner Nick Fish joined us in the morning – Not only for the ‘Kick-Off’ speech but also for 3 hours of heavy lifting!! Thanks to His support and the Portland Parks and Recreation Department that he manages RCPNA will be able to realize the full construction of our neighborhood community garden by next Spring!

    !!!~Thank you Nick~!!!

    Our other key garden sponsors working at this event included Laura Niemi – Portland Community Gardens Program Coordinator, RCPNA Board Members Erich Stiefvater, Dave Crout, Craig Lindsay, and myself, Depave’s volunteers including leaders Kate Skelton and Ted Labbe, Head Start School Site Manager – Diana Ulatowski (& her 14 yr. old son!), and last but NOT least Lora Price – Friends of Portland Community Gardens Chairperson. Thanks to all of you who were there in person or in spirit for this pivotal event!!

    If all goes according to plan – By next Spring it will have taken 4 years, from Board concept to completion, to identify a site, collaborate on integration of uses, and build the garden at Frazer Park. My thanks go to all of those who have participated in the process to date. Without your insights and persistence the results of this garden would not have been possible!!

    Next on the Construction Agenda? September is to include:
    > Construction Fencing installed for a Temporarily Expanded Area – Sept 2 until 12th; Gravel & 1′ -2.5′ subsoil removed; Replaced by approximately 1,000 CY of clean subsoil and compost mulch;
    > Water line bored into site from the main located in NE 52nd Ave.;
    > Irrigation lines installed ~ 2′ deep in garden; and
    > Permanent garden fence & gates installed, replacing construction fencing.

    If you have questions or concerns about the construction process contact Laura Niemi @ the Community Garden’s office 503-823-1612. We welcome help through donations, assistance soliciting donated garden material (see Materials List), and joining our ‘Volunteer Will-Call List’ – to be contacted when hands on assistance is needed to help install elements at the garden site.

    If you’d like to donate and/ or volunteer, please contact Tamara @ 706-5804 or e-mail

    Thank you!

    Tamara DeRidder, AICP
    RCPNA, Co-Chair LU & TC
    Community Garden Chairperson

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