Garden update: Construction, registration opens Feb. 1, and tools needed

[Compiled from updates from RCPNA and partner staff and volunteers.]

We’re making steady progress toward our planned spring opening. With the installation of a permanent perimeter fence and removal of the construction fence, we’ve wound down construction for the winter. We’re troubleshooting some drainage issues and reviewing our plans and needs for our next big tasks, which include building a garden community space, possibly installing a storm water collection tank, and acquiring garden tools. A “wish-list” for these tools can be found below and on our How to help page.

We’re exploring safety and security improvements such as installing bollards to limit unauthorized vehicle access, removing the tether ball poles, and shoring up the asphalt edges. We also hope to reuse cobblestones we acquired when the Rose City Park School naturescape was dismantled.

Garden registration will open on February 1.

A big thank-you to RCPNA and TUFF SHED for (respectively) donating $1,500 to support the garden and offering us two storage sheds at cost.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer, contact Tamara DeRidder at 503-706-5804 or RCPNAGarden [at] tdridder [dot] users [dot] panix [dot] com. If you have questions about the garden construction process, contact Laura Niemi at 503-823-1612 or Laura.Niemi [at] portlandoregon [dot] gov.

Frazer Park Garden Tool “Wish-List”

(Prepared with assistance from  Portland Parks & Recreation community garden staff)

1 or 2 wheelbarrows

5 bow rakes

5 digging forks

5 shovels

2 scuffle hoes for gravel pathways

6 50-foot hoses

6 fan nozzles for hoses with shut off valve (preferably metal)

3 trowels

3 hand cultivators

2 watering cans

Optional: hand pruners, scissors or other harvest tools, harvest buckets/garden trugs, hori horis, kneeling pads, 1-2 small tarps for protecting gravel paths.

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