Garden construction update

Update forwarded by Laura Niemi, Portland Parks project manager for the garden construction:

>>>Begin update

As promised here are some timeline updates to share with your contact list.

  • We have completed the first major step in the construction of the Frazer Community Garden – removing the asphalt. Community volunteers led by local non-profit Depave removed 5,000 square feet of asphalt in less than 6 hours on a hot August Day. Contractor Craig Wark and his crew removed the remaining 5,000 square feet.Soil sampling found elevated levels of lead in the soil beneath the asphalt so we excavated up to 2 feet of soil and properly disposed of it at a local facility. We then imported clean fill that was thoroughly tested for contaminants to provide a base for the garden.
  • Huge thanks to our funder for the depaving and soil removal and replacement process, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District. The successful grant submission was made on behalf of the garden by another community partner, the Friends of Portland Community Garden.
  • Next we will import a topsoil mix that includes soil and compost for the top portion of the soil and rototill it in. This will make a great basis for any organic garden. To protect our new soil we will sow cover crops that will grow over the winter and protect the soil structure and preserve nutrients for our spring plantings.
  • Once the topsoil is brought in, we will remove the construction fencing. This is set to happen before the end of the month. In October Parks will construct the permanent fence that will ring the garden within the footprint of what was depaved. In the mean time we have left up the construction fencing to prevent ay tripping hazards posed by the lower soil level in the garden.
  • Also in October we will install the irrigation for the garden which is the last major infrastructure piece to complete before we sow cover crop seed for the winter.

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of these items.


Laura Niemi | Community Gardens Program Coordinator
Portland Parks & Recreation
6437 SE Division Street, Portland, OR 97206
503-823-1612 (office) | 503-823-6528 (cell)
503-823-2246 (fax)
laura.niemi [at] portlandoregon [dot] gov



About frazergarden

Community activist, land use planner, permiculture seeker, critter-lover, home remodeler, artist, questing for creating a sustainable neighborhood with clean air, water, and soil quality for my family, friends, and other earth critters.
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  1. Julie Snyder says:

    Unfortunately, much of what you typed is incomprehensible due to the WordPress box cutting off the sentences. Is it possible to resend this email in complete form? Thanks.

    Julie Snyder

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